Thursday, March 11, 2010

There is the cheap way to do things and then there is the right way to do things.

When someone says "I'm sorry, but that's just too much [for that hem my pants...etc]"  I get a little upset.  I set my prices to what I feel is fair.  And if I'm not sure I know a great group of smart women who I can bounce my ideas off...and they won't sugar coat anything.

I was in discussion with someone about making a custom gown for them...from a picture...with no pattern.  Ten to twelve hours of my day, at least, to make something custom for you.  Yes I want $150 to do that, that breaks down to about $13-ish an hour.  You are paying for my expertise for something you can't do.

Why do I spend the extra time on lining the dresses I make?  Because I think it looks nicer and is therefore a better product.

Why do I make a sample of anything before I make one for sale?  Because if something isn't right I can correct it with the cheap fabric and not waste the better quality fabric.

Why do I do all this?  Because, as my father is fond of saying, there is the cheap way to do things and then there is the right way to do things.

Everything I make is done the right way.  It might be a little more expensive to do things that way, but it will last longer and it looks better.

I suggest that with everything you make, whether to sell, to gift or for yourself, that you take into consideration that there is a right way and a cheap way to do things...which way would you want it done?

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